Pioneers Festival 2016

Pioneers Festival 2016

Konica Minolta encourages entrepreneurship and innovative ideas for the “Digital Workplace”

Konica Minolta continues its engagement in the international start-up community, partnering with Pioneers Festival for the 5th year in a row. The IT services provider is working with ‘Leading Edge’ enterprises that showcase solutions for the digital workplace at its booth. By collaborating with start-ups to deliver inspirational ideas, Konica Minolta is creating a new route for the successful digital transformation of companies.

This year, the promising start-ups Anyline, 720°, iTiZZiMO, NavVis and Asset Mapping will showcase their revolutionary innovations, working together to explore business value in the digital workplace.

In line with its motto “Digital Workplace” Konica Minolta becomes partner of the Pioneers Challenge and the field of "Business and Productivity". The Pioneers Challenge is the annual start-up competition which aims to find the most promising start-ups across seven ecosystems worldwide: Materials & Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Life Sciences & Agriculture, Mobility & Transportation, Lifestyle & Entertainment as well as Business & Productivity.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Pioneers Festival 2016!


Towards a digital workplace strategy with Konica Minolta

There is a growing divide in working practice between what people want to do with information at work, and what organisations are able to offer. It is a divide often born from good reasons, such as security and cost effciencies, but also occasionally bad ones, such as ingrained cultures or narrow focus on the short-term. But whatever the cause, it only becomes possible to unlock new opportunities and create greater social value in a business through closing this divide.

To achieve this, Konica minolta is advocating a change in workplace practice, so that employees are enabled by technology rather than restricted by it. Konica Minolta’s belief is that companies need a composite design strategy. On the one hand, it must contain user-centred approaches to aid understanding of how advanced technology in workplace design can meet employee needs. On the other, there must be a system oriented design approach, to understand how technology should be created, sourced and deployed within the wider organisation, and the subsequent effects of doing so.

Find out the divergence of ‘workplaces’ and ‘workspaces’, why it matters now, what new challenges can be anticipated, and read about an approach to framing systemic workplace strategies in this special whitepaper!

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